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Controversy with Koch on Anthrax:
   Pasteur's Reply

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Rabies Treatment

Controversy with Pasteur on Anthrax: 
   Koch's Critque

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This site commemorates the contributions made to modern science and medicine  by brilliant scientists of the past.  During construction of the site, we will focus on but four such persons: Edward Jenner, Louis Pasteur, Joseph Lord Lister and Robert Koch.  We intend to provide critical reviews of their work and present them in human terms.  In this way we hope that young laboratory scientists well provided with the latest knowledge of recombinant DNA technology, the decoding of the human genome, gene therapy and protein function will recognize the debt they owe to their predecessors -- without whose contributions their own knowledge would be scant indeed!
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Pasteur in his Laboratory.
Painting by Paul Edelfelt, Pasteur Institute, Paris

Jenner Vaccinating a Young Boy.
Bronze by Guilio Monteverde.  (Courtesy of The Wellcome Library)

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